Анна (anna_y) wrote,

Танец с драконами

"Viserys lusted for his father’s throne, but he lusted for Daenerys too, and was loath to give her up. The night before the princess wed he tried to steal into her bed, insisting that if he could not have her hand, he would claim her maidenhead. Had I not taken the precaution of posting guards upon her door, Viserys might have undone years of planning.”

Ай молодца Визерис. Как меланхолически комментирует Тирион, выглядит полным идиотом, каковым в данном вопросе, впрочем, и является. А уж Иллирио молодца вдвойне, глядишь, в спасители мира постепенно Мартин выведет.
Tags: Мартин, Танцы с драконами

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